7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 5

- 1 -

Since blogging doesn't pay the bills (it's true!), I got a part time job as a deli worker at Your Local Generic American Grocery Store!

That's right, I'm a meat maid.
Like Blossom, only with more meat and a hairnet.

- 2 -

I saw a Halloween recipe magazine in the checkout line today.  It begins!  My favorite time of year is just around the corner.  And I can't get it to come any sooner.  The heat and humidity is so oppressive that the smell of a cool morning in autumn isn't even a memory any more.

- 3 -

My other blog, Spinning Straw into Gold, is hosting a fairy tale writing contest.  If you know someone with a penchant for the fantastical, let him or her know that there are two $15 Barnes & Noble gift cards at stake!

And even if you don't know anyone like that, spread the word anyway.  The more entries we have, the more fun and fellowship for all involved.

- 4 -

Here is some excellent advice from an insightful homeschooler that I want to apply to my tutoring.  Especially the part about memorization.  I never looked at it that way before.

And the reading aloud part confirmed something that I had always felt as well.

- 5-

My homeschooled pupils showed me this delightful spoof of the Addam's Family theme song.  You might have already seen it. It's been around for a while.

Can someone explain to me about the cup-stacking thing?

- 6 -

And in a completely un-controversial (really!) but still related to the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day controversy way, song, by comedian Tim Hawkins:

Check out his other spoofs, too.  They're all really funny, and appropriate for the whole family.

- 7 -

The baby is liking his baths, and his new little home.  He is getting more and more clever every day.  He says "car," "bye-bye," "hello."  He knows that trash goes in the bin, and that keys go in the door.  He loves to be read to.
Hope you've had a fun Friday!


  1. Normally (preppily) dressed people in sunny environments singing a song to the Addams family theme actually creeps me out more than the Addams family theme song itself. One is cooky, the other is suspicious. hehe


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