My Life in Lists

Projects I Would Like to Do But Will Not Get Accomplished at Any Time in the Near Future

Not least of all because I have no money.
VintageSkye, Etsy

  • paint the sun room this pretty color I love (in the way one can love a paint color)--and yes, it has a lot to do with the fact that it's called Elderflower
  •  make these paper luminaries myself for Octoberween decorations; those babies are $40 a pop, good gosh, and I could make them myself and make them much prettier with a little craft store plastic leaves and spray paint
  • replace the knobs on the kitchen hutch drawers with vintage-inspired numbered knobs
  • collect some dried, suitably creepy-looking branches and spray paint them black, then sprinkle them with glitter; also for Halloween
  • write that book I've been dreaming about
That last one is actually possible without funds.  But eating is not.


  1. I would like to steal this concept for Piekno..."my life in lists" life is always in lists, and I never think to put them online.

    I wish we lived closer..I'd love to give you a cappuccino mug to wrap your hands around when you're longing for something little and pretty and your own..they help me so much when I start thinking of all the things I would do if I had the funds!

    1. I love lists. They're helpful, fun, and look neat.

      That's so kind of you! I wish we lived closer, too, and we could talk about the art and the meaning of Life over herbal teal, while Afon and Yarrow dig up the flowers. Maine has the Right Flowers.

      Do you have an Etsy shop, by any chance?

    2. Well, I do..but I haven't kept up on it since moving off-grid, since my kiln is electric :(. But I've got some old bisque-ware and some kiln-space at a studio nearby! As well as half a dozen mugs sitting around collecting dust. If it doesn't seem too internet-stalkerish of me, I'd love to send one to you. I like my mugs to bring joy, and I think you'd like them. :) My e-mail is, and if you send me an address, I'll ship one out at some point in the not too distant future..But if you'd rather not, I'm not at all offended, I'm not good at internet etiquette! :)

      I would love to watch Afon and Yarrow dig up flowers while talking with you! Maine does have very many of the Right Flowers, and Yarrow especially likes to dig up her flowers!

  2. Now when I see the Elderberry plants blooming in the spring I will think of you. Right now the berries are ripe. On MY list of things I would like to do is make Elderberry wine. Yum. If I do make some one day I will send you a bottle...

    1. PLEASE and THANK YOU!

      You'll be able to do all that and probably pick up some art projects again after the boys get a bit older. c:


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