Deck the Halls


Nothing beats the smell of pine in winter.  We're not old enough to have a Christmas tree this year (Mama is afraid we'll pull off and break all her favorite ornaments), but we've made up for it by decking our little matchbox of a house with lots and lots of greenery.

Here are some holiday tricks and tips:

See if your local Christmas tree farm has cuttings they're willing to give away or sell to you for a reasonable price.  They can't make evergreen wreaths out of all them!

Broken glass ornaments?  Instead of throwing them away, collect the shards, cover them with a paper towel and smash them into little bits.  Then put the tiny shards into a clear glass ornament for a brand new one you can't buy in stores!


Save money and use things you already have around the house to decorate.  We have tons of homemade fun cutting out snowflakes from printer paper (okay, so Mama cuts them and Afon pretends to--no scissors for toddlers!).  Use paper bags from grocery shopping to wrap presents for a whimsical bunch under the Christmas tree boughs.  Collect pine cones from the park or your backyard.


Search thrift stores for old ornaments.  Use them as vase fillers and place them in bowls with evergreen clippings.

How do you decorate your home for the Christmas season?



  1. Lots of pine! We get our pick of trees, obviously.. and we put it right in the middle of the house. Saint Nickolas brought me little red candles as well this those will be out. Wool and tapastries and too much food..but mainly the tree - it's hard not to look Christmasy when half the house is full of branches.

    But I'm behind..I still need candle for the Advent wreath!

    1. Happy Saint Nickolas Day!

      I like Saint Lucia Day, too. But I don't have any little girls to put a crown of greenery on. Oh, oh, now is one of the times I wish I could sew, 'cause I would make a little white robe and red-and-white striped socks for Yarrow to wear!

      I'm going to make a post on Advent celebration soon, too, so I'd love to hear how you all celebrate Advent (differentiating from Christmas).

    2. P.S. Have you got your tree in the house yet?

  2. ..your pillows are AMAZING! Perfect for the season!

    1. I love them! My mother bought me for them on sale from the infamous Pottery Barn. That's the only way we can afford anything from there. After the holidays, lots of great things like that go on sale. That's how I collect seasonal decorations from pretty much everywhere!

  3. Oh I am so excited about this post! You have inspired me on what to get you guys for Christmas - and maybe I can get it done and in the mail so that it gets to you before then. :) Love you much and I love your pictures!

  4. Not yet..We save it for Christmas Eve :)

  5. Christie, found you!! I love the fact that your friend Masha waits until Christmas Eve to put up a tree. I always wanted to do that when I finally learned about the 12 days of Christmas but you kids were getting on up there in age and I was afraid of a protest!

    Also, if your greenery hanging in your bedroom is still fresh and green please take a picture for me. You don't have to put it up here just take a picture with your phone and save it for me. Please and thank you. :)


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