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If you're like me, you barely have enough time to brush your teeth, so here are some beauty tips I've run across that freshen your look and help give you a bit of confidence.

Now, if only I learn to take my own advice!

1)  Wax your eyebrows.

This doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Sally Hansen makes wax sheets that are easy to cut to the shape you want, and there is no heating or messiness. 
Re-shaping or just cleaning up the stray hairs in your eyebrows brightens your face and opens up your eyes.  It can even, I have found, make your face appear slimmer. 
When I have just-waxed eyebrows, I'm ready to walk out the door. 
I like thick but well-arched brows.  Experiment to find out which is most flattering on you.

2)  Use blush.

I've read that the one thing all women need is lipstick.  Easy on the go, just a quick smudge can add a "pop" to the entire look that livens up the face. 
I disagree.  I feel like lipstick on a dull face is harsh-looking. 
Whereas beautiful skin can turn an "ugh, I'm just not feelin' pretty" day around like that!
Get something subtle that matches your skin tone.  The closer it matches the flush on your cheeks after a brisk walk in the autumn breeze, the better. 
Balmy cream blush gives you a healthful glow.

3)  Part your hair the other way.

This is one of those tips I've picked up in a magazine. 
If you're having a bad hair day and you're overdue for a cut, parting your hair in the opposite direction it usually falls gives an instant change to your appearance.  It mimics a trim because the length of your locks fall differently and it disturbs the mold they've grown into. 
More affordable than the salon!

4)  Spend a few minutes in front of the Eucharist.

Here's a fashion blog I like that addresses the beauty of the whole person.

What do you do when you want to feel pretty?



  1. I LOVED this one! ..except, you forgot eyeliner! ;)

    This was so relevant for me right now!..I've been contemplating eyebrow waxing again..I've never done it myself though, and I worry about shop-ladies overdoing it and making them tiny..is it hard to to at home??

    1. I'm so glad!

      Oh yes, eyeliner! Eyeliner can give the illusion of thicker lashes, make the whites of your eyes whiter, and generally make your eyes pop. Or, if you're going for a more obvious look, tribal and exotic . . .

      I have to be careful with eyeliner. I have strange shaped eyes, and putting it on without attention can make my eyes look droopy or small and squinty.

      It's not hard at all with the Sally Hanson wax strips. I draw with a pen or crayon or permanent marker on the strip to imitate the line I want my brows to follow, then cut them into that shape, then place them just so to only remove the hair that is outside that line. The only thing I don't like about it is that it makes more waste. But it's much more practical than applying wax directly to your face, where you could lose up the vision of the line you want and generally get it everywhere!

      If you want to get them done professionally, don't be shy about telling the waxer exactly how you want it. I show them in the mirror, cause the term "thick" is relative. She'll then tell you what she is able to do with the genetic shape of your brow. Sometimes, you have to take off more or less than you originally intended to make your particular eyebrows look right. You could also bring in a picture, either clipped from a magazine or drawn yourself, of how you would like your finished brow to look. Again, she'll be able to tell you how and if it's possible.


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