The Week

Not to be read as "the week" but as "The Week."

The Holy Father announced his resignation for the end of the month; we celebrated Fat Tuesday with ice cream and birthday cake; Wednesday brought my little one birthday presents and ashes; on Thursday, Saint Valentine got veiled attention from the rest of the secular world, but we didn't get our box of chocolates because we've joined my friend Masha's family in a Byzantine fast.

And today is Friday.  What wonderful things does the world have in store for us today?


  1. What a list!

    Happy Birthday Afon!!! And Happy St. Valentine's to you both!

    We've discovered that thai rice noodles are 100% acceptable!! And I'm for something to put on them :p

    The cake is beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Ms. Masha!

      I did NOT make that cake! I splurged on something delicious--strawberry flavored everything, with white chocolate. Yum!


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