Seven Quick Takes: Volume 12

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Q & A
In Which I Ask Questions and you Answer

The two-year-old has become incredibly clingy lately.  He follows me around the house whining to be picked up.  When I try to sit down to do anything, he climbs into my lap and squirms, getting upset when he falls out or is uncomfortable, and generally getting in the way.

Is this a normal phase for toddlers?  If so, how have you handled it?

I'm looking for a sturdy picture book of the mysteries of the Rosary, for him to follow along when I'm praying.  That way, when I'm saying my Hail Mary's, he'll be able to look at the pictures and understand, to some extent, what's going on.  Any suggestions?

Last, I have these comfy gray sweatpants that are long past wearable.  I couldn't give them to charity.  But there's a lot of quality fabric there that isn't damaged, and it feels wrong just to throw it away.  Do you know of any amateur friendly projects you can do with an old pair of sweatpants?

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My thoughts exactly.

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Speaking of prayer, look at this awesome Flannery O'Connor-inspired book on prayer.  What a thing to have had at the start of Lent!  It's definitely going on my wishlist.

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Courtesy of Mary's Cova, the little library collection at my parish, which is growing strong, I've been able to get a copy of The Quest for Shakespeare by Joseph Pearce!  I devour any book read by this Catholic, English scholar, and The Quest is no exception.  Mr. Pearce's research is thorough, professional  and illuminating, but not dense.  Highly recommended.

The likelihood of William Shakespeare's Catholicism.  That's not something they teach you in school.

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I was introduced to a new saint this week.  Her name is Parascheva of the Balkans, and she is the patroness of embroiderers, needle workers, spinners, weavers, and marriage.  I love it.

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How to master your time.  Courtesy of A Light Inside.  This needs no other introduction.

-- 7 --

Got a lovely little copy of Soul Gardening in the mail last week, an inspirational journal for Catholic mothers, but who anyone would enjoy.  They've got articles, book reviews, poems, recipes, projects, and a page for the kids.  What's more, it's an oasis in the day-to-day hustle and bustle that brings similar-minded people to the font of Christ in the our quest for domestic sanctity.

The illustrations are patterned, black-and-white, and symmetrical, and compliment it perfectly.  It feels so good to connect.



  1. "The possibility of Shakespeare's Catholicism.." they taught it at MY school!! Along with the possibility he was a she, that he was legion (five people, actually, four men, one woman), that he was gay, that he was [insert subgroup here] it was a fascinating class ;) My history teacher in high school LOVE possibilities..

    Sweatpants can make good rags..or, if they're pretty grey sweatpants, make the birds in SG!

    1. *slaps forehead* I'm a non-genius.

    2. P.S. See, in my high school, all those possibilities were entertained BUT the one that he might be Catholic. Pearce's book all-but-proves he was. If he wasn't, it would be very, very odd.

    3. I should check it out! I've always considered all possibilities besides 'normal English guy, not belonging to any interesting subgroups - apart from genius - 'to be about the same..Now I want to read it and See! :)

      Good luck with the common reaction is to hide ;) Not at all helpful, I know!

  2. I am NOT a fan of the camp who says he was someone other than Mr. Shakespeare. I could say it's the rabid English major in me, but I think it's more because, as a writer, I'd hate for people to steal along and say, "Well, she couldn't have written this because it's too x, y, and z."

    Pearce deals with this in the beginning as well.

  3. I know..I like the idea that he was just Shakespeare, and he lived in a normal little house and was amazing. It would be pretty cool if he was amazing, normal, and Catholic..I need to check out this book!


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