Songs for a Saturday

We're dancing like fools this morning.  Won't you join us?

1.  You have to watch the video with this one.  It is uh-mazing.

CAUTION: May ring in your ears if you're especially irked by whiny singing.  He's got much better, believe it or not.

2.  By the same artist, a very humorous song.  I love Dashboard Confessional's wordplay.

Ideal for harmonizing to.  At the top of your lungs.  When you're all alone in the apartment.

3.  Been a fave for years now.

4.  Okay, so far so acoustic.  Let's pick up the pace.

Also a cool video to watch.

5.  This one is for all those who have shaped my life, especially when it seems like we've lost touch.  You're never very far from me.  <3



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