Theme Thursday: Mud

I had a brilliant plan.

Since Florida is more sand than dirt and spring can be more accurately described here as . . . summer . . . I knew there'd be no mud to be found.  (Though it has been blessedly cool for March, regrets to those of you up North, but it has been so nice for us.)  I was going to finally use that 50 cent mud mask I bought at the store a couple of months ago and be all creative in front of a mirror.

But of course I can't find it.  So here is something old but, I hope, still worth looking at.

A blue-footed booby from an island little more than a rock off of the Galapagos Islands.  It's mud when it rains, right?

This photo is from May 2007.  My best friend, partner-in-crime, and curly-haired twin generously split her discount fare so that I could accompany her and the other biology majors on this trip to her home country of Ecuador.  It was so wonderful to get to experience that part of her life, and I can look back now and cherish that trip and the time spent together, even though at the time I was in a bad place emotionally.

Okay, so Mister Booby, as the tour guide explained, likes to sit on his nest with nary a trip to the grocery store, not moving, except to rotate.  So you can guess what that circle of white is.  I guess one spouse nests while the other brings the food.

Also, the chicks, or baby boobies, or whatever they're called, were huge over-grown fluff-balls that sat in their nests and squawked to be fed.  Ha!  If that were me, my parents would have totally been all, "Get a job!"  Silly parents.  c;

Theme Thursday, as always, is hosted over at the hilarious Clan Donaldson.  People have pictures of real mud there!



  1. Nature never ceases to amaze. What an amazing adventure to go on! I'm in Florida too, and basically any mud you can get near at this point also has a gator in it.

  2. Gorgeous! What a wonderful experience.

  3. I want to go on a trip like that again with you - but this time with little boys who would see that world with SO much awe. I think it would be really cool to expose them to such cool NEW things and so many of them at once. I miss you.


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