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We've been pretty inactive all week and so have no new pictures.  But here are some old ones that I think are more interesting anyway.  They are from our trip to England and Wales two summers ago.


My father-in-law's cousins live in an old cottage on the isle of Anglesey called The Weir.  Cousin Mari has five children herself, though almost grown.  She lives in Oxford and teaches secondary school English and is lovely.  She's the one who wrote Uncle Paul and sent me the signed copy of his childhood memoir.

True story: I thought her name was "Mary" until she wrote to me later that summer.  The posh English accents of husband and family make it sound almost identical.  Silly Brits.


We were in Warwick, my sister-in-law's hometown, a couple of weeks before for my brother's wedding.  They were married in the same church as Professor Tolkien and his wife Edith.  Perk # 1358193477 of being Catholic.  

My brother and sister-in-law are now expecting their first child!  The Squirt is going to be a cousin!


Chickens at The Weir follow you around begging to be fed.  Just like the fat cat at my parents'!

The husband and his Aunt Mary oblige the baby on the merry-go-round in Milton Keynes.


It all seems like so long ago.

See the rest at Like Mother, Like Daughter.



  1. What a beautiful coastline! Merciful goodness. Great pictures. :)

  2. wow. It looks like Maine..but prettier! And your babe's a real baby in these photos..not the big boy of today!

    So, so beautiful!! I'm sort of glad you had no new photos..these were fantastic!

    I hope your Easter is going well!

  3. Gorgeous England!! Someday I will visit thee. Tea roses? and tea cups! Lovely!!!


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