{Pretty, happy, funny, real}


(1) Gold spray-painted pine cones in wicker basket in the non-functional fireplace.
(2)  Easter Lily, pre-Squirt.


Successful first egg-roll making attempt = all parties happy.


Easter Lily post-Squirt.

I live with a dog-cat-child hybrid.  It's true.  He loves making messes then fussing over cleaning his hands.  ("Doourdy," he calls them.)  Also, he has chew toys.


(1)  Mama's boy.
(2)  Lunch.

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  1. There is something amazing about toddlers discovering the world... even if some Easter lillies fall victim to it!

  2. Ah Hevel, how did you keep your patience? Mine's getting thinner and thinner, and I only have one! :c


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