Seven Quick Takes: Volume 17

Linking up with Madame Jen at Conversion Diary for this week's 7 Quick Takes Friday!

-- 1 --

I have a few interactive posts planned for Everything to Someone in the following weeks:

  • a discussion of the recent film Les Miserables--possibly the most Catholic major movie I've seen out of Hollywood since The Passion
  • the phenomenon of blogging as community, replacing the old-timey function of the village well, and why it's so important, especially to women
  • addressing and opening up to discussion how women are "slaves to fertility," in a different way than secular society tries to say we are (don't worry, no plans to go into great detail)
  • some thoughts on the Dove real beauty Youtube video that's been going around
  • a 2012 Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction: Short Stories Collection giveaway.  So stay tuned!

-- 2 --

Now you can see the funny, talented film my friends made.  Maybe there's a cameo role in my future?  c;

Pay attention, because this is my kind of humor!

-- 3 --

The domain name of this blog is going to be changing to  After Grace's post at Camp Patton, I decided it was time to make the minimum-risk investment.  So keep an eye out.  I don't know if you'll have to re-subscribe or what.  If so, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience!  Please take a minute to continue to follow when/if the time comes.

-- 4 --

The Squirt oh-so-helpfully stuck a blue crayon in the dryer, unbeknownst to yours truly, so now all of my clothes have dried with bright blue smudges all over them.  I'm washing them again.  Veteran moms, is there any special formula to remove this kind of stain?  I'm afraid that the drying set the color.  :c  And how do I get the crayon smudges off of the inside of the dryer if they're not budging?

-- 5 --

My youngest sister prodded me into watching Ducky Dynasty.  I said, "You must be crazy  I do not want to see that."  So she sneakily played a recorded episode while we were in my parents' living room and I was doing something else.  I caught snips of dialogue and couldn't help laughing.  These men aren't stupid rednecks.  They're actually pretty intelligent and very funny.

Oh, well.  I've been looking for a new comedy since Liz Lemon retired.  The other show in the running so far is Parks and Recreation.  Thoughts on that?

-- 6 --

No news yet from the job opening I applied for, so keep your prayer warriors out on the front line.

Meanwhile, there is a Harry Potter read-along in the works.  I've only read the first one years ago, so not only am I missing out culturally but professionally--since fantasy/fairy tales is the genre that my writing most fits.  Headquarters for my explorations on that will be at Spinning Straw into Gold.  Any and all are welcome to join us!

-- 7 --

It's so calming to have flowers in the house again.  I haven't had any since Saint Patrick's Day, unless you count the decapitated Easter lily:

I peeked at the bank account today and was pleasantly surprised, so decided to splurge.  Ya'll take care, and please have a flower-ful, safe weekend.



  1. I LOVE Parks and Recreation. I never really got into 30 Rock (though I would like to watch it), and I feel like Leslie Knope is the closest person to me in comedy (well, maybe a combo of her and Anne). Plus the whole cast is just fabulous. The first season can take a little while to get going but it really is so wonderful. One of the few shows that I have literally fallen off the couch laughing at.

    Along those same lines, I adore Harry Potter, but the third book is where J.K. Rowling really blew my mind. The rest of the books just get better.

    You should also check out The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater--a bit of fairy tale/fantasy, and an amazing story in general. Also, the ending just blew me away. As I was reading it I was thinking "there's no way that this can end in a way that won't break my heart in some way..." and she didn't, somehow.

    For the crayon in the dryer and clothes, I found this: and this: Good luck!

    Fingers crossed and lots of prayers for the job!

  2. Your interior photos make me want to redecorate..;) and Next week's posts sound AMAZING!

  3. @Masha
    That is an awesome compliment because I adore your sense of style!

  4. @Caitlin

    I LOVE the characters. Each one is so unique and believable. IT's definitely more in line with The Office humor than 30 Rock, which is A-ok because I really enjoy The Office!

    Your wicked librarian researching skills come in handy. That is the best link to the crayon problem solution I've seen yet. Thank you!

    Won't you join us in re-reading Harry Potter? xx

  5. The flower photos - ah! So lovely!

    My dad loves Duck Dynasty; I haven't caved yet...

  6. Those are flower photo's are so pretty...hopefully it'll encourage good weather! I loved that video too of the Dove photo's:)

  7. Gosh, I'm looking forward to those interactive posts. :D

    You can still get to my blog via, and I've had my own domain for over two years. I think subscriptions will be okay, too.

    Also, Caitlin's right--The Scorpio Races is a great little book!


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