What I Wore Sunday

I make my WIWS debut in the bathroom, trying to keep the as-of-yet-un-potty-trained Squirt away from the toilet.  Because he's not sure about the no-diaper strategy, but he does like to flush the little handle.

Top:  Faded Glory
Skirt:  Faded Glory
Flip Flops:  ancient (in other words, I can't read the label)
Glasses:  Walmart
Pearl Earrings:  a beautiful wedding gift from my aunt

And yes, it's hot enough where I live to wear a tank top.



  1. Thanks for the reminder..You look super pretty in pink..I used to hate pink on most people, but when I dyed my hair I got kinder..pink on blondes tends to remind me of hugh hefner..But I think pink goes with sink like yours best..it brings out the warmth and just about yells out "summer!". Tank tops like that are some of my favorite things in the world too. Aren't they comfy?

    And this is an awesome theme/link up/thing! <3

  2. I love that your debut was in the bathroom! Love the pink top and that chevron skirt...and my little guy just likes to flush the handle too ;)


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