My Best Friend's Wedding, Part I

We were worried about the Squirt's tolerance for a ten-plus-hour drive to Nashville, but he was blessedly agreeable.  Let it never be said I deny he's a Very Good Boy.

We stopped north of Atlanta for the night.  That morning was tepid and fresh, and the foothills of the mountains tucked us into a little pocket of reality.

From there, it was only a three-hour drive to the Nashville "suburb" and the rehearsal dinner.

There's Ashley, my best friend of seventeen years.  She's the epitome of feminine, if you can't tell by the hot pink and gem-studded glasses.

That evening, the honorary bridal party (plus my sister!) stayed up late into the night to make 40 programs. We slept in a hotel room, and Ashley woke me up at zero in the morning to walk sleepily in the frigid dawn to Hardees for a girl chat and a greasy pre-wedding breakfast.  Wouldn't have had it any other way!

Can't see the bride in her wedding gown before the ceremony!

Ashley + Greg Burgess, joined in holy matrimony, two o'clock in the afternoon, March 11, year of our Lord, 2013.

 Part II tomorrow (I hope) with the reception.  <3



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