Seven Quick Takes: Volume 20

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-- 1 --

The thirty-three hour work week is nearing its end, and all I have to say is: !!!

-- 2 --

My grandmother visited this weekend and sweetly treated me and my sister to a spa day.  The last time I got a pedicure was B.S., before Squirt.

Let me astound you with my impressive vocabulary: shellac is awesome.  If you're going to splurge, considering getting shellac because if you average cost for use/time it lasts, it comes out overwhelmingly over regular polish.  Going on three days of hard kitchen-labor, and my nails are still shiny and smooth.  Get this: my color is called My Vampire is Buff.

-- 3 --

Thank you for all the thoughtful comments on Theme Thursday's photograph.  I chose the most flattering pose/contrast/photo possible, of course.  Here are some, I don't know, things-I-just-thought-of, that I think could be classified as tips for good self-portraits.

Same one from Thursday, in color.  Not as dramatic, huh?

  • always hold the camera slightly above you for the best angle
  • experiment with tilting your head and putting the camera to the side, as opposed to a straight head-on portrait
  • soft lighting is universally flattering--that goes for all portraits; try late afternoon or dusk sunlight

-- 4 --

Here's a photo I took of my sister using the methods above.

-- 5 --

The latest in the Harry Potter book club:

Mine is coming tonight, tomorrow at the latest.  Saturday is my day off!

-- 6 --


I saved the materials from my Christmas-season pine wreathes and used the clippings in the throw-away wheel barrow while the Squirt played in my parents' "yard" after work.  Then the sun went down, and that's as far as I got.

-- 7 --

The roses are in full bloom for the end of May.

They're not my favorite flower.  I prefer the bluebell, and the wild daffodil, and hydrangeas.  And anything that grows wild on the side of the road.  I'm going to be twenty-eight next week, and all I want for my birthday is bouquets and bouquets of flowers.



  1. So many pretties!!! Without being an expert myself, I think your portrait tips are spot on, and will be attempting to use them in future. :)

    And flowers are the best, aren't they? They cheer a house up so much.

  2. LOVE your collection! I actually have a linky for exactly this kind of post, i'd be honoured to have you :)

    xo em

    1. Cheers! I'm happy to join you. Thanks for finding me and commenting!


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