Theme Thursday: Animals

f/5.6 ISO 200

Oh Scout, I hate to love you.  You showed up a mere weeks before my wedding with your brothers, half-starved and nearly frozen, and slept curled up underneath my chin those first nights back, crawling and inching forward until you couldn't get any higher than smothering-me-height.  My mom thought you were a coyote (???).

Your primary talent is biting the heck out of tires on cars driving at ten miles an hour.  It's a good thing you don't have a bank account because you'd owe me at least $1,000 in new rubber.

Secondary talent: licking the Squirt until he's a mewling, squealing fuss-bucket.

Clan Donaldson has more animals this week for Theme Thursday!



  1. Sounds like a "Marley"!
    These are the critters that make our lives interesting.
    Also, they do grow on us..naughty or nice.


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