"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Over the past week, my little boy turned two.

I don't mean he had his second birthday, which was in mid-February, but that the toddler stage of independence and havoc has peaked overnight.  He's pushing chairs to reach bookshelves, climbing on tables, coloring on walls, casting down glass bowls, spilling full mugs of tea.  He's got so much spare energy, if the scientific community could just figure out how to harness it, I'm sure it's be a clean alternative, as long as the supplies of macaroni and cheese and lemonade keep on coming.



  1. oh this is just so sweet! Happy birthday to your little man. (sorry things are errrrr....so busy around your house though, boys I have a knack for it). xxoo

  2. Wonderful portrait! Yes, well boys will be boys :)

  3. Ha ... I've got 2 boys aged 13 and 15 ... and I swear some days they are still in the midst of the terrible twos ;0)

  4. I'm only just realising how cool boys really are. Lovin the portrait this week you really have captured a beautiful and simple moment wonderfully. I've linked you to my 52 portrait blogpost over at Poppyfoxathome. The link is http://www.poppyfoxathome.com/2013/06/2452-portrait-project.html


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