Five Favorites (vol. 18)

Linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife for Five Favorites.

-- 1 --

Spinning wheels.  Going to get one someday.  I think you probably knew that about me already.

-- 2 --

I got two on clearance at the grocery store.  I've never used a high-end salon shampoo specifically for curly hair, and I like it!  Or it may just be the fact that I've nixed conditioning to keep it from weighing down my too-fine hair. I'll have to post about my hair routine one of these days.  Twenty-eight years and tens of products later, I'm still tweaking the formula.  No two people's curls are alike, so it's tricky.  But forgoing the heavy residue-leaving conditioner for a lightweight, spray-on leave-in one is working like a dream.

So I guess that was more like two favorites.  Two-for-one.

-- 3 --

If you frequent the blogs I frequent, you'll have already seen this: Cari's fundraising for Dwija of House Unseen so that they can fix their disastrous laundry room.  Dwija and her peanut-in-utero are resting and saving their strength in the face of a ruptured and leaky membrane.  Scary stuff.  A small donation will go along way to practical help so she and her family can do the best they can to make sure Nicholas (!!!) carries to term.  Click the image below to donate!  Also, prayer is a priceless currency.

-- 4 --

Goya coconut soda is the epitome of refreshing.  I guess you have to like coconut, and if you don't, then you wouldn't know refreshing if it splashed you in the face in the middle of a desert.  But yes, carbonated, lightly sweet, with that tropical lightness that conjures dusky memories of lukewarm, salt-laced breezes.  Only $0.87 a bottle.

-- 5 --

My new digital EOS Canon.  The end.

Turns out I can trade in my old Rebel XT for, like, $40!  Or I could see how much it goes for on e-bay, or give it away, or hold onto it until it becomes an antique like this one here that I saw in the thrift shop and seriously pondered buying.  Turns out though that the only factory that makes the film it requires--in Croatia--has an old machine and the parts are irreplaceable, so they've stopped making it.



  1. I am totally voting for you to get a spinning wheel! :) I'll keep an eye out for good deals for you.

    Is coconut soda like coconut water? I don't like coconut water but I would be interested to try this soda. I'm also in love with Polar Pomegranate Sangria Seltzer at the moment.

    1. Someday, someday . . . I saw TWO out on sale about two months ago during an antique fair in town, but I was on my way to work, so I didn't get to ask about them. It was for the best, too, because Afon's destruction stage is in full swing, and I'm sure a pretty spinning wheel, all spokes and smooth curves, would catch too much of his attention!

      Coconut water has a greeny taste that the coconut soda doesn't. If you don't like that green taste, and fizziness makes everything better to you (like it does to me), then you'll love the Goya soda! xx

    2. Okay, I will have to test out the coconut soda then. I love fizziness!


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