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Today I am . . .

Feeling . . . drowsy from a late night and an early morning.  This offspring of mine is allergic to long expanses of sleep, which is difficult because I am the exact opposite.  Also, I slept wrong or something because there's a strained muscle in the deep jointed area between my neck and my shoulder.  It's a reoccurring injury.  Hm.

Seeing . . . dark clouds gathering in counsel, deciding when and where to rain.

Smelling . . . an Avon perfume my coworker sweetly bought me for my birthday.  It was so unexpected and touching!

Tasting . . . iced coffee with milk and sugar, a perfect summer treat!

Listening . . . to the Squirt enthusiastically demolish a Styrofoam take-home box from our little date two days ago.

Grateful . . . to learn at least part of my blurry photo problem has nothing to do with me.  I have an old Rebel TX, not even a Rebel TXi, and it only has 12 megapixels.  Bought it in 2006 or so, and since technology has a very short life-span, that's incredibly outdated.  Good DSLR cameras (digital professional cameras, I guess) have 18 to 20 megapixels.  So when I enlarge my photos, they're not going to look as clear as others' who have more recent and/or expensive models.  Makes me feel better.  I knew that I couldn't have got worse at shooting photography since switching from film to digital.

On the other hand, a new camera body will cost upwards of $500.  *faint*

Reading . . . Michael O'Brien's A Landscape with Dragons.  His name has come up in conversation during the Harry Potter book club, so I dug up his book to refersh my memory about what I did and didn't like about what he had to say.  I have no knowledge of his writing on the subject of Harry Potter himself, but I am told, and it would match the rest of his conclusions, that Harry = very bad.

And by reading I mean skimming over a few pages in the near-dark at night before I fall asleep.

Also Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but that's a given.

Loving . . . my most recent copy of Soul Gardening.  Still.

Hoping . . . for less work hours in the the upcoming weeks to spend time with my family!



  1. How fun!! Thanks for joining in!!! I can't wait to read your responses to Michael O Brien!! And I'm sorry your camera is messed up - but I can totally understand the relief you feel in knowing its not your fault!!

  2. I think me standards for avoiding blurriness are much less careful than yours. ;)

    This is lovely! And I still need to subscribe to Soul Gardening. And I pull neck/shoulder muscles in my sleep, too... pretty sure I'm not trying to, say, spike volleyballs or something in my dreams.... Also: iced coffee. Mmmmmm.


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