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Google Reader's phased out, and everyone's dropping little reminders to resubscribe or follow via other social media.  So now's as good a time as any to do a little shuffling, stacking, and organizing, and offer a would-be audience (as well as old, loyal friends!) an easier way to connect with the EtS.

I'm not a digital socializing person myself (aside from the huge, egocentric obviousness of having a blog, ha!).  I check in on my favorite blogs via my sidebar blogroll (see left), but others have long arrived in the land of social media and set up camp, so consider:

That's it for now.  I don't have an Instagram (no i-phone--astounding, isn't it?) and my Flickr account is inactive.  I have a StumbleUpon, but I don't think I use it enough for it to be worth subscribing to.  Someday maybe I will have something to share on the delightful Ravelry, or even Etsy!  I do have a Pinterest account, but my chief concern there is in collecting whimsical and fairy tale art for my other blog.  So there it is.

How do you like to connect?  Are you a Facebook person, or a Twitter person?  Do you prefer e-mails strait to your inbox or going to a blog reader and seeing everything in one place?  Which is easier?  Which is more fun and/or satisfying, and why?

Thanks for following!



  1. I'm a FB type of person. I can't remember my Twitter password, and I like leaving comments on blogs--especially where I can get notifications of replies (not Blogger).

    1. I much prefer Facebook, too.

      Blogger doesn't send you e-mail notifications if someone comments on your blog?

  2. Pffft. My phone doesn't even have a camera. And you should see me trying to text on that thing. :P

    I tried Twitter for about a year, and enjoyed it, but found it broke up my concentration too much--I was always trying to think of something witty. So I swore off it, which was like swearing off a little addiction; for months afterward, I was tempted to go back. I don't miss it much now. FB is great for keeping up with old friends, but I don't update often. I'm just a blogger girl, I guess. ;)


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