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1.  Shot of wheat grass--chase it down with an orange because it's pretty gross.
2-3.  Auntie and nephew and delicious avocado and cream shake.
4.  Victuals.
5.  Chilling in the department store.  Jewelry's not so bad.
6.  Children's train.
7-8.  Train and stroller.
9-10.  Shirtless firemen.  I can see the craze.  c;
11.  "This is so much fun!!!"
12.  Faux diamond.
13.  <3

Categorizing this as a Little Stories post too because all of these pictures were taken within one day.  Some weeks are just like that.  You and your camera are inseparable and then it goes into hibernation for the next six days!

Not pictured: the completion of the Squirt's passport papers.  They're ready to be mailed, and he will have the official paperwork making him a U.K. citizen!

Talk about moving at a snail's pace.  I feel like all we've done is run around and bluster about immigration stuff, but we still even moved an inch toward living abroad.  It took us three tries to get his passport photographs within the correct size limits so as not to be rejected!

I want to take my camera with me out on our morning walks, but I don't want it to get damaged, and it will probably clunk aggravatingly on my thigh.  The baby cardinals are coming out in abundance: the males beaks have burst into a fluorescent orange and their head plumes darkened to scarlet red.  But they are tiny, and the rest of them still a grayish brown.  We also saw a funny plump think pecking around in the grass.  It's head was tiny compared to the rest of it's body, a perfect round pom-pom, and it had a thin, cylindrical beak like a long thorn, perfect for the pecking it was doing.  New shoots are tipping tree branches, bleeding green from spring-yellow to deep evergreen.



  1. tiny steps get draining don't they?? I always imagine a giant leap would be easier - to say, "ok, I'm moving!" and go the same day. But I'm sure the tiny steps help us get ready for the actual event. The change that - leaping into, would overwhelm least, I tell myself that, to get through all the small, mundane, tasks that get me there.

    Your little shirtless fireman is adorable!!! <3

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are. They're kind of like working out by walking reeaaaallly slowly for three hours versus bursting into a run and going at it for ten. Both hard, both exhausting!


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