Stills: A Weekly Collection // Little Stories

 Linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack.

1 & 2.  The annual Independence Day party is pretty big for a small town, reaching past two hundred, at least.  Can you imagine all that barbecue?

3.  "Here Grandmama, you try my hat on."

4.  The big red tractor holding up the even bigger American flag.

5 & 6.  Old Glory.

7.  No, this isn't a telescope snapshot of a distant galaxy.  It's a firework over our heads and a little ways out in the wet fields.

8.  A tired little boy at the end of a big, big day.  Welsh at heart, British by blood, made in America.

9.  Faded blue.  The same photo from here with a vintage tinge.

10.  Brilliant.


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  1. incredible pictures! So glad to be getting to know you!

    Really appreciated your comments on my blog this past weekend; I've been away and am just getting to things now. FYI, I am going to send you an email via my blog email... :)

    1. I did get your e-mail and read it with relish. A reply is forthcoming in the next few days!


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