Theme Thursday: Rooms

Linking up with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday.

This was my bedroom, on and off, from fourteen to twenty-seven years of age.  Before then, I always wanted a painted bedroom, but my parents never got farther than finishing and furnishing the first floor, and the bedrooms remained un-decorated.  It was my dream to have unicorn paper adorning my walls, with banners waving from the rainbow turrets of castles . . . or maybe a simpler bow pattern.

When we finally settled down in the central Florida countryside I call home, it was in our third house, and I got a big room--the biggest upstairs!!--with four bright windows, a wooden floor, and wall space to do with whatever my heart desired.

I chose to paint it green.

A lovely, cool moss green with undertones of blue, so that when the light left later in the day, it was the perfect color and temperature for an afternoon nap.  This room is still one of the loveliest I have ever seen, and even though the dust and cobwebs have settled in the corners and on cardboard boxes, the way the early morning sunlight sifts through smudged panes takes me back like a time portal, to green mornings in endless summers between school, lazing in bed with the whole long day stretched wide before me, a velvet carpet, and all the world at my fingertips.



  1. I love that you still have your bedroom to go back to, with all it's memories. I like that window a lot. Tells a wonderful story.

  2. This is so beautiful. I love that you chose this green; it reminds me of a fairytale forest. Childhood bedrooms hold such deep memories. I painted mine soft sky blue and for years, that room continued to be my sanctuary, my safe haven. There was something so calming and fresh about it :) It's funny how even just a color can conjure up memories, isn't it?

  3. Love that green: it's so dreamy and one of my all time favorite colors for decorating! Green is my most favorite color.


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