Three / 52

Part of the 52 Portraits a Week series with Che and Fidel.

  1. Picking wildflowers in the mountains of north Georgia.
  2. Happiness as pure and weightless as the bubbles.
  3. Joy, captured in black and white.
  4. Soft late afternoon palette and depth of field reminds me of what it's really like looking into this little, serious face.

I stared at these four for a really, really long time, and I couldn't pick one to eliminate.  So, I'm a cheater.  I'm leaving up four portraits of my son instead of three.

We considered getting his hair cut today.  John leaves on a flight for the UK tomorrow morning, and I wanted him to be here to see his son's first haircut.  But as I thought more about it, the more comfortable I felt in the thought of waiting . . . of seeing my husband again in six months (so soon and so long!), with this real little boy--no longer a baby--and his head full of flaxen blond curls.  And so the hair remains untouched for another half a year.



  1. what beautiful pictures! 6 months with no husband, wow, that is hard! (am newer to your blog, as I am sure my comment shows). Wishing you strength and peace. My Godson did not have his hair cut for the longest time and it was so lovely that way.

  2. In Judaism it's a tradition not to cut a boy's hair till they turn 3, which is the same time they start to wear a kipah at all times and tzitzit, at the beginning of their Jewish education. We also feed them cookies and sweets in the shapes of the letters of the alef bet to make that learning sweeter. :) Now just imagine the massive Jewfro my sons had!


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