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RAW , 40 mm , f/2.8  ,  ISO ???

It's an appropriate theme for me right now.  The fast/cleanse has led me spiraling down through the bottomless annals of the internet, which say myriad contradictory things about Food.  Here are the cliff notes:

  • bread is bad for you
  • all wheat is bad for you
  • gluten in general is bad for you
  • only white grains are bad for you
  • corn is bad for you
  • sugar is bad for you--have honey or agave nectar
  • honey and agave nectar are also bad for you
  • agave nectar is only bad for you if it's heat processed
  • only white sugar is bad for you, have raw sugar
  • raw sugar is actually more processed and also bad for you
  • fructose corn syrup is bad for you
  • fructose corn syrup is actually not that bad for you
  • fructose corn syrup is better for you than aspartame
  • any sugar of any kind is bad for you--avoid all fruits and high-carb foods
  • carbohydrates aren't bad for you as long as you ingest them in moderation
  • carbohydrates aren't bad for you as long as you ingest the right kind
  • fat is bad for you
  • fat is not bad for you
  • fat is not bad for you if you eat the right kinds
  • low-fat dairy is good for you, avoid full-fat
  • full-fat dairy is much better for you
  • all dairy is bad for you
  • eggs are bad for you
  • eggs are good for you in moderation
  • eggs are very good for you
  • peanuts are bad for you
  • olive oil is good for you
  • only extra virgin olive oil is good for you
  • only cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is good for you
  • olive oil is not good for you, use canola oil
  • canola oil is not good for you, use palm oil, sesame oil, etc.
  • starch is bad for you
  • soy is bad for you
  • soy is good for you
  • salt is bad for you
  • salt is good for you
  • everything's good for you, as long as it's raw and/or organic

I got nothin'.  You?



  1. I feel your pain. Did the Dr. Oz 3 day cleanse (which totally worked, but I'll not soon repeat) and raw can be a challenge. I'm working on tuning out the internet and tuning in to how I feel. With so many different voices talking at us constantly, perhaps the best one we should be working on hearing is ours.

  2. Ha! Love the peppers, those are a staple in salads for me.

  3. I know... I really think it is something each has to figure out for themselves; what makes us feel our best? Somethings are easy ~ like easy on the sugar ~ or not eating tons of greasy fast food ~ but the rest ~ it's hard to know, hey?!

  4. This list is awesome, I can't stand it. And I gave up long ago on trying to find that exact right combo of food that is good for you. It's just so depressing!

    On the other hand, these photos are gorgeous!

  5. LOL - oooh, I hear you!! Everything is bad for you! (My DH likes to remind me that life has a 100% chance of ending in maybe I shouldn't worry about the minutiae too much.)

    Love your photos! The colors are amazing.

  6. Here is a hysterical blog post (warning: language) about this very topic, that your list reminded me of: :) This had me crying I was laughing so hard.

  7. lol I agree. Everything in moderation. =)

  8. YES! All those food rules are ridiculous to me... I choose to follow the "everything in moderation" with as much organic/local/good fats as possible. We just got some adorable peppers just like that - I love the bright colors!

  9. Too much of anything I suppose is bad...Gotta have fat sugar and bread or will die! especially bread. add chocolate to that list. So bad but only dark is good.

  10. Love that list. I agree with another commenter - everything in moderation, otherwise you'll go crazy. I love the simplicity of the picture.

  11. So much food information out there is completely without soul and totally negative in focus. "X is BAD FOR YOU, avoid it or suffer complete and utter shunning by the beautiful people". Food's supposed to be nice and beautiful, dammit; your body will tell you what it needs and judging by your photography your eyes already know. It's like forming your conscience, there needs to be trust that it's telling you the right thing paired with active formation so that it will.
    -The Neglected Husband

  12. Ha! I've come across all the same information. Fun, isn't it? Love the photo!

  13. Haha, oh this made me laugh pretty hard :) It's so true, everyone has a different opinion in the matter of food! I think it's all about finding a balance--one that keeps you healthy but lets you enjoy life, too ;)


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