Theme Thursday: Shadow

Hosted at Clan Donaldson.

I don't remember the settings for these--probably a wide open aperture (f/2.8 to f/1.8), low ISO, shutter speed . . . who knows?  Shadow adds instant drama to any photo, but my sister created this effect by holding our antique wicker rocking chair over her head while standing directly in the sun at midday.  She looks like she's got a net over her face, doesn't she?  In fact, she liked the look so much that she in instigated another, later photo shoot with a makeshift net hat--another example of photographic shadow-play.



  1. I love that top picture! In black and white, it's stunning!

  2. Beautiful pics, beautiful model. Love the drama of the black and white shots.

  3. Oh my. Your sister is beautiful (I think I've said that before) and the effect of the wicker is fabulous. You're so creative with your photography.

  4. These are absolutely stunning. WOW! She should be a model!


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