Theme Thursday: Out

Sept. 26, Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian, physicians and martyrs, patrons of apothecaries, barbers, the blind, chemists, druggists, hairdressers, hernias, marital harmony, midwives, pharmacists, relief from pestilence, surgeons, and of course physicians.

Out as in outside--get it?  So original.

We did have a lot of fun this Tuesday on my family's old trampoline, though.  I almost forgot to begrudge central Florida its hideous lack of autumnal weather.  Oh no, not here.  It's hurricane season.  Humid downpours every morning this week.  No lusty apples or rust-leaves to show for it.

So . . . I want to see pics of yours!  Go on, share some of your out-and-about pictures from your part of the world this fall.



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