Theme Thursday: Text

I really like text used as art, which is fortunate because it's a big trend right now.  That's not why I like it.  I like fonts, yes, but it goes beyond aesthetic.  I like the words to have meaning.  I'll be more drawn to a picture frame or a pillow or a Hallmark card if the words are both pretty and meaningful.  And the meaning might only be clear to me; words such as mountain, north, anathema, and cobweb.  Or phrases, such as once upon a time.

There were two versions of the wall art pictured above.  The other one said, "Home Sweet Home," and while I might have liked the art enough to purchase that one, the phrase "Always Blue Skies" spoke much more strongly to me.  It was the kind of thing I wanted to have on my wall, like a magic spell prompting drywall to dissipate into open sky.  The word "blue" paired with "skies" chases away any melancholy associated with the color.  And the word "always" is so affirming, like a promise.

When names appear in text, they declare ownership, character, and function.  Some are even protective or evocative of power.  Like the holy names.  Today happened to be the memorial of the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Our Lady, like Our Lord, has many feast days, each to reverence a different aspect of her role and being.  Depending on the supposed Hebrew version of Mary's name, it means some combination of bitter and sea or lady (as in a royal lady or sovereign).  I don't think believe for a minute that the two interpretations are incompatible.  

"We call Mary our Lady as we call Jesus our Lord, and when we pronounce her name we affirm her power, implore her aid and place ourselves under her protection."

Happy feast day.



  1. Gorgeous examples, Christie. I love that top image as well. And Our Blessed Mother... well, I love her name, second only to her Son's

  2. Such pretty shots. Especially love the first one's cheery phrase and the beauty of the last one.


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