What Real Motherhood Looks Like

Exhausted from "playing," he finally collapses and falls asleep mid-scramble.  In view: unpacked draws, shredded papers, leftover waffles from breakfast, a relocated vacuum, board books, and a stray blind.



  1. I love everything about that picture. I think that's one of the wonders of photography...to take a scene we may deem unworthy of mentioning and turning into a memory stored up for when the floors are spotless and the rocking chair empty.

  2. I love it, too! The times when they're sleeping seem to be one of our opportunities to fall in love with them, all over again!! I mean, in spite of the HUGE mess they leave behind. ;)

    PS That necklace on the left is gorgeous. I love this linkup, just because I get to read so many new, awesome blogs!!

  3. It is incredible how such a small person can make such an enormous mess. It is also incredible how little people can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions...my son is sleeping on top of his cars, as I type :).

  4. Lucia never just falls asleep, no matter how busy (and messy she's been)! I how cute!


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