Five Favorites (Vol. 31)

Oct. 2, Feast of the Guardian Angels.

-- 1 + 2 --

Primitives by Kathy makes embellished word art for every season.  As I've said before, I like word art, and not just because it's a fad.  Unfortunately, they're pretty expensive for a chunk of painted wood.  Fortunately, they tend to come out early and so go on sale about a month before the approaching holiday.

Which, in this case, is my second favorite: HALLOWEEN.

I am a huge fan of Halloween.

-- 3 --

Haling back to my inexplicable obsession with all things Scandinavian--and I mean in furniture, art, culture, literature, genetics, language, landscape, knitting . . . all things--the Norwegian and Swedish art of rosemaling attracts me.  It can range from simple, Shaker-esque paint strokes on wooden furniture to rich-colored, highly detailed stenciling.  If I see anything that vaguely reminds me of rosemaling or that could pass as it, I want it.

I've yet to paint my own decorations, but I do want to.  Especially with the abundance of resources online nowadays.  I can find some authentic stencils and decorate the pieces I already own.

-- 4 --

I saw these witty paper organizing tools in the bookstore, and now I can't remember the name of the company that makes them.

-- 5 --

I purchased this scarf at World Market this past summer.  It's part of a collection called Gypsy Caravan (awesome, right?!).  The color, the weight and feel of the fabric, and the bunch and drape of the scarf make a winning combination.  I bought with it a necklace to match (it's woven many strands of woven string of the same color, strung with small, brassy beads).

I also got two ceramic doorknobs to install into an old cupboard.  They're stamped with a very simple red design that reminds me of . . . you guessed it!  Rosemaling.

I could have stayed in World Market for much longer, but I didn't, which was a mercy to all parties involved, myself and my wallet.



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