Seven (Awesome) Quick Takes: Volume 27

Oct. 18, Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist; patron of artists, bachelors, bookbinders, brewers, butchers, glassworkers, goldsmiths, lacemakers, notaries, painters, physicians, sculptors, stained glass workers, and surgeons.

-- 1 --

So much.

-- 2 --

Let me steal a few seconds of non-fevered coherence to say that I finished Firefly with Serenity while bedridden and now feel I can honorably use the word "shiny" to describe things that are not but are otherwise pretty cool.

-- 3 --

On the plus side, we're almost all better now.

On the down side:

-- 4 --

Additionally, I learned something very valuable from Firefly, and applicable in everyday life.

-- 5 --

While we're on the Doctor Who line,

See?  Awesomeness is not a coincidence.

-- 6 --

So I would love to get a bunch of people together one year and go trick-or-treating as the cast of Firefly.  I call Inara.  Not because it's always been a secret wish of mine to masquerade as a high-class courtesan, but because she gets to wear the. most. beautiful costumes.

Plus, I have the hair for it.  Awesome.

-- 7 --

Speaking of group costumes, the Squirt is in perfect hair shape to pull off a mean Draco Malfoy!  Wouldn't that be--you know--awesome?  But they don't make Slytherin robes in sizes that small, and I don't have time to make (hahahahaahahahaha!!!) one, so I'm reserving that for next year.

I'll go as Hermione.  Because . . . I also have the hair for it . . . also.

So for now, it defaults to Wizard of Oz.  Because my youngest sister has been Dorothy for the past twelve years straight and has all the costuming; because a little scarecrow works well as an adorable standalone Halloween costume for a toddler; and because I never tire of the traditional witch costume!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I never realized that River and River were BOTH named River until this very moment. Crazy!!

  2. YES. I have dibs on going as River! Because I'm little-girlish and skinny and a little bit crazy. Hahahaha.

    I had to think about the Doctor and Companion one for a minute before I got it. Awesome. And I've still only seen one episode of Doctor Who. But I did get another episode of Firefly in last night... I am way behind... but Lou and I are taking it all in!!

  3. My favourite scene in Castle is when Castle dresses up as Mal for Halloween!


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