What We're Reading Wednesday

Oct. 9, Feast of Saint Denis, a third-century missionary bishop to Gaul, and one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.   Tortured and beheaded, his body carried its severed head some distance from his execution site.  He is patron against frenzy, strife, headaches, diabolical possession, and of France.

We're ill again here and haven't done much reading at all.  Here is the short version.

1.  Little Nellie of Holy God by Sister M. Dominic

Squirt likes to look at the pictures of Little Nellie receiving Holy Communion.  This child saint was only four years old when her bishop determined that she had sufficient faith and understanding to receive the Blessed Sacrament.  She died shortly after, and the Holy Father, Pope Pius X, upon hearing of her, said it was the sign he had prayed for and moved the age down from 12 so that little children could have First Communion.

Incidentally, the picture of Little Nellie on the cover looks just like my friend's angelic child.

2.  The Great Heresies by Hilaire Belloc

I love it.  It's taken me far too long to discover this compatriot and contemporary of G.K. Chesterton.  With the same astounding clarity, he however lacks GK's joviality--not for the fainted-hearted or the easily offended.  Resounding with truth.  Expect to hear more about him later.



  1. Two solid books! Sorry to hear that your brood is unwell. Hopefully, everyone will be on the mend soon.

  2. Oooooo, Hilaire Belloc! I have been wanting to read him for some time now. Is this a good "first book?" Or is there another that might ease me into his style?

    1. Since this is my first book of his, I'm not sure if it's typical of his style. It's pretty straightforward and easy to follow, though, if lacking definite chapter breaks for the bite-size readers.


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