Yarn Along

Oct. 23, Feast of St. John Capistrano, follower of St. Bernadine, widower, itinerant preacher, and Franciscan.  He lived to the age of 70, at which time he was commissioned by Pope Callistus II to lead an army of crusaders to defend Belgrade from the attacking Turks.  He died in the field a few months later, but his army delivered Europe from the invaders.

There hasn't been much time for reading lately, but crocheting takes only a passing concentration, especially when you get into the rhythm of the pattern.

This blue strip will (one day) be a baby afghan for one of my nephews.  I'm not sure which one yet.  I have two new ones!  My brother's son was born in August, and my sister-in-law's son just last Thursday.



  1. Okay. I forgive you. Tell me about this afghan, yarn? Pattern? I have a new nephew too.


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