Stills: A Weekly Collection

Nov. 25, Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr.  After refusing the advances of Maximus, the emperor had his most learned philosophers try to convince her otherwise.  Instead, she argued a good many of them into conversion.  Tortured on a wheel and finally beheaded, St. Catherine is patroness of apologists; craftsmen who work with a wheel (potters, spinners, etc.); archivists; attorneys; barristers; dying people; educators; girls; jurists; knife grinders; knife sharpeners; lawyers; librarians; libraries; maidens; mechanics; millers; nurses; old maids; philosophers; potters; preachers; scholars; schoolchildren; scribes; secretaries; spinners; spinsters; stenographers; students; tanners; teachers; theologians; turners; unmarried girls; and wheelwrights.  She is counted among the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

1.  The home altar, decorated with boughs and flowers in jars.  And often (not pictured) candles.

2 +3 + 4.  At the window.

5.  Old and new friends gather at a late autumn tea.

6.  A delicate and delicious pumpkin cake, filled with pumpkin mousse, and topped with chai buttercream--a sweet gift from a friend!

7.  Enjoying the last stretch of my autumn d├ęcor before we bunk down for the winter.

8.  The cute box from ThredUp is going to make me even more anxious to receive packages from them in the future.

9 + 10.  We've obviously not yet mastered the art of self-portraiture.



  1. beautiful pictures! blessed St. Katherine's Day!

  2. I enjoyed this post! St. Catherine of Alexandria is the saint I chose when I was confirmed. :) St. Catherine, pray for us!

  3. Hi there, popping in from The Beetle Shack.....What a beautiful set of memories from your week...all even the not so good self portraits tell a story.....I love your beautiful wreath against the white background.....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Thank you, Kathy, you're right . . . the botched portraits are sometimes the ones that tell the best stories and memories! A wonderful week to you!


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