Nov. 18, Feast of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, a French nun of the Order of the Sacred Heart who became a missionary to the Potawatomi in America at the age of 71.  Her convent was a wigwam, and the Indians called her "the woman who always prays."  She is patroness against the opposition of Church authorities.

Today, I am. . .

Feeling . . . better.  Almost energetic.  Saturday I woke up feeling OK for the first time in nine days.  Also, agitated at the unfailing humidity. 
Seeing . . . all of the ridiculously cute and affordable clothing I stockpiled for the Squirt for the winter.  They're size 3, so they'll last through next year!  Poor child has looked like a ragamuffin for the past year or so, what with hand-me-downs and the distinctive lack of attractive and fashionable toddler boy clothes for reasonable prices.  I got him three sweaters, a cardigan, a polo, a long-sleeved polo, and four pairs of non-jean pants!  All right! 
Next time, maybe I'll even buy something for me! 
Smelling . . . the Squirt's lavender bedtime body wash.  Soothing. 
Tasting . . . rosemary and thyme, sauteed with mushrooms, onions, and garlic in olive oil for our dinner. 
Listening . . . to the tumble and click of the sheets in the dryer.  Monday is my day to clean the bedroom, and that means wash day! 
Grateful . . . to have good spells in-between my poor health.  And for the poor health, too, so that I can offer it for souls. 
Reading . . . Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.  I have a theory that if I agreed to read Twilight or another favorite of Jenna's, I'd actually read Harry Potter for once!  When you've made a commitment to do something, why is everything else so tempting? 
Loving . . . the latest updates to Picmonkey. 
Hoping . . . for a secret hope.  <3

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  1. WANT TO KNOW what you think of Ender's Game!!!! I *think* I'm going to see the movie tomorrow. Here's hoping!

    When you've made a commitment to do something, why is everything else so tempting?

    If you figure that out, let me know!! I need to be writing some BOOKS.

    1. I will let you know! I'm more than halfway into it.

  2. Are you ALLOWED to mention 'secret hopes' so temptingly without revealing them..I'm hoping it comes to be too, and out of the 'secret' category soon!! So I can know what I'm helping you hope for! :)


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