What We're Reading Wednesday

Nov. 6, Feast of St. Leonard of Limoges, patron of The Big Bang Theory and fine china. His intercession was credited with miracles for the release of prisoners, women in labour and the diseases of cattle.

Journey by Aaron Becker

This wordless wonder is breathtaking and imaginative.  The book opens on a little girl in the city, who can't find anyone or anything to entertain her.  Then, she picks up a red crayon, draws a door on the wall, opens it, and steps inside. . .

The Squirt and I just spent twenty minutes looking at it and telling the story to each other.  The illustrations by Mr. Becker are soft but detailed.  He's clearly spent time as a sketchbook traveler.  I recognize the acute attention to architecture mixed with soft landscape and sketchy figures.  Like an exquisite film, this book tells a full story using pictures.  It's not my medium or my specialty, but I have the deepest respect for someone who can move me with images the way Mr. Becker successfully did with Journey.

So, I guess we're not really "reading" this Wednesday.  But it's worth sharing all the same!



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