What I Wore Sunday

Dec. 15, Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudette Sunday.

Dress  //  Merona, Target
Shoes  //  Merona, Target
Belt  //  ???, Target
Green Scapular  //  Saint Leo Abbey gift shop

When I wore this dress sans belt into the childcare center a couple of months ago, my son's teacher joked I was in my Catholic schoolgirl outfit.  Only the collar would have to be much higher, and the hem much longer to be acceptable in the Catholic elementary school I attended, no lie.  And at my Catholic high school, skirts were banned altogether, and we wore trousers.  So there.  c;

I wore this with a flowered bonnet--and then a lace veil when the Squirt wanted the bonnet, so I guess I should thank him because looking at these pictures, the bonnet definitely didn't match.  But I'm saying that like I care or something!

I don't.

Really!  (Ask my sister.)

If I had it my way, we'd all dress Japanese lolita-style or like 17th century Flemish.  (There's a little bit of the Puritan in that dress up there with that collar.)

Anyway, I've had some meditations and questions incubating regarding fashion and clothing these past months, ranging from

  • self-sufficiency in fashion thanks to sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc.
  • what fashion means (which definition do I subscribe to?) and if and how it is compatible with a Christian lifestyle
  • how and if we even need to balance creative self-expression in clothing, hair, makeup, and jewelry with glorifying and respecting the self as created in the image and likeness of God (here's a for-instance: my begrudging respect for Lady Gaga and simultaneous outstanding disapproval of her)
  • headcovering, and if/how to incorporate it into everyday life (I can have this please? and this!)
  • and even the very serious thought of transitioning into giving up shorts and trousers and wearing only skirts and dresses

But they're not done baking yet, much less separated and solidified into coherent thoughts.  In the meantime, if you need a wholesome fashion fix that's not vacuous, there's always The Evangelista!  Also, this sweetie has good fashion sense and makes the prettiest jewelry.

Unrelated: for you readers and studious types, my latest Harry Potter book club post is finally up!

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  1. That's a great dress! I buy a ton of clothes at Target. The Merona line balances classic and trendy so well. I also have a Target card, which I highly recommend because you get 5% off. (They should pay me for recommending it, but they don't.)

    I had a modest conversion a few years ago, which is when I took up wearing skirts and dresses. Now I can't imagine my wardrobe without them. I don't think I could make the full no-pants conversion, but I know some women who have, and they swear by it. Two days a week is enough for me (Sundays to church and Skirt Day Monday).

    1. Thanks for the recommendation--but do I have to pay a membership fee?

      I'm also trying to wear skirts and dresses a lot more. And jeans are banned entirely from Mass. :p

    2. Nope. There's no fee. The interest rate is not good, but I don't really buy anything at Target that I can;t pay off immediately.

  2. I love it Christie!

    And I laughed out loud at 17th century Flemish...hilarious!

    1. Hehe, thanks but . . . I'm totally serious? xD

  3. love that dress and the little tornado in the background! x


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