Jan. 21, Feast of St. Agnes, a Roman girl of twelve, who was tortured and killed around 304 AD rather than deny Christ her Bridegroom.  She is patroness of betrothed couples, engaged couples, bodily purity, chastity, crops, gardeners, Girl Scouts, girls, rape victims, and virgins.  I like how, in typical Catholic paradox, Agnes carries close to her heart those on opposing ends of a spectrum: virgins and rape victims, girls and betrothed women.

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Afon: on our way to "school" in the morning, he finds time to wear his winter vest on his head--all part of his hat fascination.

Everything is a hat to this child.  He sees a bucket--hat.  A sock--hat.  A bowl---hat.  A book--a hat.  A leaf . . . guess.  (A hat.)  If he likes something, it goes on his head.  It is the biggest compliment in his universe.

These days he is talking more, though mostly to himself, singing and narrating his play time with blocks and puzzles (he makes block towers higher than himself!).  He comprehends plenty well but feels no need to respond in words.  Stubbornness.  All boy.  But there's not badness in him so much as a magnetism for trouble.  The fun things are the naughty things.  I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one.  c;



  1. such a cutie!!! my youngest guy is the same way about "hats" he LOVES them!!! It's so entertaining to see what they come up with!!!

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  3. This photo is such a great capture of a moment! So sweet.


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