"Most" Posts of 2013

Jan. 3, Tenth Day of Christmas, Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus.

Linking up with Amongst Lovely Things for the Most Posts of 2013.


 1.  Post with the most clicks.

My "manifesto," as it were, on attempting liturgical living.  Linked to by Haley at Carrots, which explains all the clicks!  But I still mean now what I said back then, and I hope you'll share your liturgical living journeys with me.  Catholic All Year and CatholicCulture.org are good places to start, if you're interested.  I've loved what we've been able to do so far.

 2.  Post with the most comments.

Oops, it totally looks like I'm fishing for compliments, but really Cari just liked the stark contrast of the black-and-white self portrait.  And lo, "most comments"!


 3.  Post with the best picture.

According to number of clicks, this post was the one with the best picture.  Not quite sure which picture ought to be considered the best, mind you.  The second-most clicked post, though, so . . . favorite pic.  If you go with the numbers.

I have a many and various favorite pics, though, so if you want to see my personal favorites, check them out hereWhich of my photos this past year have been your favorite?

 4.  Post that was the hardest to write.

I struggled with feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, self-disappointment, and the inherent difficulty of recognizing and admitting to all those feelings.  I still relapse into self-pity from time to time, but mostly I chose real and messy to fake and perfect.

Also, it helps to know so many stellar, faithful Catholic moms in the blogosphere who struggle with the same feelings of inadequacy.

 5.  Post that was your personal favorite.

Something that I've been meaning to say for some time now; finally got it out; and, surprisingly, was not hard to write.  I believe it heartily.

 6.  Bonus post:

Not actually one of the categories, but I didn't want to leave out either this one or the NFP one.  A must-read for anyone wanting to get to know me or this blog.  Also, GK's the greatest!!! 




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