Wearing Lately

March 3, Feast of St. Katharine Drexel, foundress of Xavier University of New Orleans in 1915, the first university in the United States for African Americans.

1  //  white and navy striped shirt
2  //  jean capris
3  //  glitter sandals
4  //  Bonlook glasses
5  //  Milk + Crown necklace

Getting this all out of the way before we brave the (bitter?) cold of the United Kingdom.  I can see an opportunity for capris again in the summertime, but without a car to get around, wearing sandals open to showers and city puddles is highly risky.  Oh, well.

(The glitter on the sandals is prismatic gold and silver--so pretty!  I've had them since the summer and they've held up splendidly.  If they come back to Target this year, I highly recommend.)

And . . . new glasses!  You might have noticed them (if you've seen me in person or are perceptive about the few photos I put up of me around here).  The style is called Fancypants (!!!) and the color is Strawberry Daiquiri.  You know you shouldn't love it on the merit of the name alone, but you do.

Next week, it's wellies and rain coats!

(Gosh, my style is boring.)



  1. Well, the Washington State coast is a lot like Wales, and people will wear flip flops and Chacos year round... the latter sometimes with socks. :) A friend of mine was in flip flops when I met her at a local bar tonight. Also, my brother-in-law wears shorts year-round. Granted, I do not wear flip flops and shorts in the winter here. ;)

    I would, however, pick glasses frames based on the name. Strawberry Daiquiri is awesome.

  2. Thinking of you! What a big change it will be for you. May God hold you safely in His hand.

  3. I love that shirt. Boring styles unite!

  4. Love the style! Striped shirt, comfy capris, fun sandles for the win! Also, love your new glasses! Prayers for your move!


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