Answer Me This, and Easter

April 23, Easter Wednesday.

We've caught colds again.  At least I think it's "we" since Afon has been fussing non-stop for the past few days, culminating in an all-out bedtime melt-down on Tuesday night.  And then I woke up this morning with a sore throat, stuffed up head, and achiness.  I'm considering trying the virgin diet to see if I can pinpoint any dietary allergens that may be pummeling my immune system.  That's three times ill since we arrived here on March 12th.  Does that seem wrong to anybody else?  (I'm also a little bit paranoid that the walking pneumonia didn't heal completely.)

Haley from Carrots said she gets sick when she ingests too much sugar.  I should be able to say that animal products aren't the cause of my weak constitution after Lenten fasting, except that moving and adjusting to cultural differences meant that I wasn't the best at abstaining this year.

I did find that drinking more water seemed to help with the dizziness from before, though, so thank you for the suggestions!

Updates on my health are all very boring, however, so let me distract by going on about yet more personal things that may or may not be interesting to anyone but my immediate family.  'Cause I'm just not as interesting as Kendra, and I can't help it.  Really!

1  //  What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?

I was able to put together a white-and-navy, with a dash of red ensemble for the little family.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any solid photos.

Almost. . .

There you go.

I had red shoes on to match Afon's collar.

2  //  Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?

I've discussed this before, and this year, we're leaning almost completely towards thumbs down.  It's not for religious reasons or fear of taking away from the true meaning of Easter--as I am a pretty obstinate believer in Father Christmas--but because I don't see all that much magical about a gigantic, un-blinking, two-leg-walking rabbit.

No, thanks.  Easter baskets and egg hunts, I'm all for though.

3  //  Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or someone else's house?

That's tricky to answer because I have favorite aspects of both choices.  I like entertaining, along with the cooking and decorating, and the hospitality it fosters.  I like doing things my way and overseeing every little aspect of the celebration to make it exactly how I loved and/or wanted it to be as a child.  I don't, however, enjoy the stress of preparation nor the clean-up afterward.  For that, a holiday at someone else's house is ideal.

4  //  What is your favorite kind of candy?

Oh, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, no contest.  But when I'm feeling out of character, I might crave Twizzlers.

5  //  Do you like video games?

Yes, and I think it would be yet another distraction in my life if we owned a console or hand enough extra spending money to buy computer games.  As it stands, I can waste plenty of time on the internet and Netflix, thank you very much!

6  //  Do you speak another language?


At the zenith of my high school Spanish classes, I might have been able to speak conversational Spanish if I'd ever had the opportunity to outside of the classroom.

At the end of my stay in Rome, I was able to speak conversational Italian.  I might be able to reignite some of that if I were totally immersed again.

I'm trying to learn Welsh because my husband is nearly fluent.  But I am not.



  1. when I moved it took a good year to not get sick. it is a huge change and it will take time. and to be a family again is a huge adjustment, esp. with a child that was once just you and child and now is we and child. huge. sugar can really hit one; soda is quite toxic in my opinion; I struggle with sugar after Pascha/Easter as we have so many goodies! lots of patience and gentleness needed for you; rest when you can and I hope you feel better soon. sending a huge Hug your way!

    1. I know soda is awful, but I just love it! It has zero nutritional value, plus caffeine, sugar, and acid. How can it taste so good? I've had some success substituting seltzer water mixed with fruit juice--or even seltzer water mixed with a dab of apple cider vinegar and some honey. I got that one from a blog! It's quite nice. <3

  2. When you move across the ocean it's like the first year of school for kids: you are exposed to a whole new world of pathogens! It takes a while to build up local immunity... So it's pretty normal to be sick a lot more.

    Looks like you had a lovely Easter!

    1. Hevel, you are so right! I never thought of that but it makes perfect sense. Happy Easter season to you and you family (even if you don't celebrate it!). xx


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