April 28, Feast of St. Gianna Molla, who, during her third pregnancy, aware that carrying to term and delivery could  end her life, pleaded with her doctor, "If you must decided between me and the child, do not hesitate: choose the child--I insist on it.  Save him."  Eight days after the birth of her daughter, after much suffering, St. Gianna passed into the everlasting life, in the year 1962 of Our Lord--the birth year of both of my parents.

Last night, I had a dream of holding a published copy of the First Story in my hands.  It didn't look anything like the actual story, and I knew that in my dream--knew that it was wrong, that much of it had to be worked over and re-written but that it was mine and mine alone and that its complete self was somewhere inside me, finished and waiting.

I don't know how many recent readers know (hi! and thanks for following), from my casual references and thoughts tossed aside, that I started this blog as an intended author.  Many bloggers, my favorite among them, became authors secondarily.  They started their blogs and stumbled into publication, which is always a wonderful thing--one of God's and life's "Easter eggs"--surprise!  And enjoy the gooey, chocolate center!

My process is reversed.  Because my first calling is to be a writer--no, not a writer, that's not quite right.  Lots of people writing from differing skills and intentions are considered writers: journalists, journalers, bloggers, biographers, etc.  But while I like to wear the hat of a non-fiction author ("words and pictures" is the slogan of many who like to blog-as-diary), that is not what I'm about.  I'm a storyteller.  I see stories everywhere.  I need to tell them.

My fairy tale blog had become mildly successful in its small, highly specified circle, and when things got really hectic last fall, I sort of let it drift because this blog was the one that fit my needs at the time.  I need to buffer it and built it back up again.

Sometimes it's tedious looking after two blogs.  But despite how I try, I can't see a plan which would reconcile the two differing topics and demographics.  So they stay as are for now.  But I'm looking at maybe slowly moving away from the "mommy blog" atmosphere in the future. 

(Wow, that's so non-committal!)

Aspiring authors are advised to get their own websites.  I really can't afford that at this time, but the other thing that is recommended is making the authorial name a brand.  So I'm thinking of moving or re-naming Everything to Someone.  But I hate the title L.C. Ricardo, even if very few of my acquaintances would recognize that as my name.  So I could make the domain name match my author name and name the actual blog something else.  So far, that is most appealing to me.  We'll see.

What remains clear to me, at least, is that I need a continually renewed focus; that that means actively reminding myself of my goals and my vocation and then doing something tangible; making real progress, even if it's a just a bit.  Even jotting down your morning thoughts in a blog post counts for some mental filing, right?

So um, I might become very much less interesting to the non-fiction-writing-process inclined of you.  In a bit.  Because as much as I love wearing the popular social media blogger hat, I got to take it off to let my creativity get some air.  Meanwhile, please check out these friends and affiliates who have stayed the course and tackled their goals and aspirations:

Paperwine Industries  //  Bohemian, ecclectic, and repurposed things of beauty and stationary, by my dear friend's talented husband.  Let's try to convince her to get some of her pottery up there as well!  Here's one of my favorites. 
FaithHempLove  //  Sarah has treated me to lots of freebies, and let me tell you, they are ridiculously affordable.  She should probably charge more for these!  My favorite is a pumpkin spice lip balm, which I'm guessing she'll bring to sell come autumn.  It's like pure moisture in a tube!  Pure, delicious moisture.
Soul Gardening Journal  //  A Catholic journal for mothers by mothers.  Absolutely free.  Beatifully illustrated.  Inspiring.  Did I mention it's free? 
Stories 1 by Rebecca J. Thomas  //  Rebecca's short story "Birdy" was written for a contest on Spinning Straw into Gold, and gosh, you won't regret reading this one.  It's eerie in all the right places but brings you home to your warm, dry fireside at the end, like a good folktale!

And a personal publications update:

Poppy Road Review: Annual Edition, 2013  //  A pretty and quality online journal featuring a few of my poems and even one in the printed edition!  Sandy is the sweetest, least highbrow poetry editor you'll ever meet. 
Eyes That Pour Fourth and Other Stories  //  Previously titled 2012 Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction: Selected Short Stories, these single-sitting reads are in the tradition of Flannery O'Connor, Graham Greene, Walker Percy, and Evelyn Waugh.  So they're not sweet.  But they are gritty and real, like Christ's redemptive sacrifice on the cross.  My short story "The Debt" is in this collection. 
Rose Red Review, Spring 2014  //  Photography of mine featured here and here, and flash fiction in previous issues.  Some eerie fairy tale reads of high quality.

All purchases using Amazon Affiliate links go directly to my fresh-flowers-in-vases habit.  Thank you for your support!



  1. Just yesterday i told a friend I wanted a clearer focus for my blog. And then I posted about the Holocaust, scheduled a post about chocolate shells, another on cold porcelain, a poem by W.B. Yeats and one about Independence day. Yes, clear focus.

    That said, I usually say that anyone can be a writer on the Internet, but it takes talent to become an author!

    1. See, that's the kind of blog content I'm fascinated by. I'm a bit of a schizophrenic with my interests. :P

      So you schedule your blogging, huh? Do you find that helps creatively?

      Very true, the internet falls victim to all sorts of so-so publishing. It's a good reminder of why we still need traditional publishing, I think, not because self-published authors are bad--because there are many excellent ones--but just so that outside standard thing is still out there. Maybe? I don't know! I didn't get to do NaNoWriMo last fall, what about you?

    2. I didn't do NaNoWriMo this fall, or NaNoWriMo Camp this month. I might attempt a 30K in July, but i know I won't have time for the whole 50k.

      I completely agree with you on traditional publishing. I am looking into self publishing an e-book on Judaism from my POV, but it will not be like some of the good books on the subject already out there. I'm not a writer, but an occasional stroke of brilliance makes my draft worth to read. Maybe I should make it my NaNoWriMo Camp project.

      I schedule posts occasionally. This time, I was showing a globe to my children that we got from an old friend in Hungary. It is from the 60's, and as I was looking at it, inspiration struck. I would have posted that post right away, but Independence Day is a week away, so I just saved it for then. I also completed two happy and upbeat posts on Sunday, and I didn't want to post them on Holocaust Remebrance Day.

      To be completely honest, the last few months I struggled to put together anything more than the 7 Quick Takes, and then those were a struggle. But now posts seem to come easier, sometimes more in a day, so i just schedule them anticipating less inspiration. :)

      I also think that you can keep your mommy blog, and do something else, too. I enjoy your blog. A lot. I enjoy it enough to comment semi-regularly!


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