7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 2

Commonly Confused Homophones

Teach your little ones--and refresh your own memory--about the importance of writing clearly.

1.  You're and Your

Child, you're going to ruin your new shoes if you go out in the rain.

2.  Than and Then

When you are better than your teacher at composing sentences, then you can teach the class.

3.  Complement and Compliment

The man complimented the couple on how well their outfits complemented each other.

4.  It's and Its

It's difficult for the fat cat to clean its fur.

5.  Affect and Effect

The effects of this economy has  unhappy affects on many poor families.

6.  Bear and Bare

I cannot bear to see a baby's bare head in the heat of the day.

7.  Loose and Lose

The house-sitter will lose her job if she lets the dogs loose.

For further reading, see Strunk and White's The Elements of Style and Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves.


  1. Well, that's an unusual spin on the 7QT format.

  2. Lindsay,

    Have I done it wrong? I'm new to it, so please enlighten me! :)


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