Pasg hapus!

That's "Happy Easter" in Welsh.

I tried to color Easter eggs and let the baby watch me (he's a bit too young to join in without cracking the shells in glee).  But I did something wrong because afterward most of the coloring came off the shells in a film.  I tried to rectify this epic fail by using magic markers to "decorate them,"as seen above.

Also a bit of a fail.  Oh well.

Happy Easter, from the country boy.
The little white one at the top we've dubbed Brother Eggsley, and there is another with a mustache called Sir Eggselot.  Maybe next year I can make them some decent companions.

Anyway, do you have any tips or tricks to perfectly colored Easter eggs?  What sort of family traditions do you keep?


  1. I think your eggs would be rather stinky if you keep them until next year just so that they can have companions!


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