Seven Quick Takes Friday: Volume 1

7 Reasons It's So Cool to Be Catholic

Yay, I'm excited to join the Seven Quick Takes phenomenon over at Conversion Diary!  This is my first "volume."

This Easter season, I want to take a look at why I am thankful and humbled to be--through the grace of God and no virtue of my own--a member of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church.

(I'd take out the "Roman."  See #4 below.)

1.  2,000 years of Unbroken Tradition*

That's right folks, the Catholic Church is the oldest surviving western teaching institution.  That beats Darwinism, Theosophy, and Mormonism combined.

2.  Michelangelo

The Catholic Church commissioned and sponsored one of the western world's most prolific artists; many of his creations are still in the possession of the Vatican.  Rather than have a monopoly on these world treasures, they are available for people of all faiths (or lack thereof) to view, study, and admire.  (It seems they've declined my suggestion to ferret people out by requiring us to present our Catholic baptismal certificates.  Just kidding, just kidding!)

3.  J.R.R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings

Can you imagine a world without hobbits?  You'd have to if it wasn't for this creative Catholic, whose faith was so deep-seated it formed the very foundation of his mythology and the backbone of his fantasy epic.  There is no hyperbole in saying that if Tolkien weren't Catholic, there would be no Middle Earth as we know it.

. . . I know, right?

4.  Eastern Catholic Churches

Check it.  The Syro-Malankara Church has awesome hats.

Not really down with the Latin Rite?  No problem!  There are 22 different self-governing churches besides the Roman Church within the Catholic Church herself.  And people complain we Christians are closed-minded. . . !

 5.  HHS Mandate Smack-down

Who would have seen the Catholic Church currently leading the resistance in support of religious freedom in America?

6.  The Blessed Mother

Our Lady of the Eucharist
Christ gave her to John--and by extension, us--when He was on the cross, so now she's our mother, too.  You know how an obedient orthodox Jewish son would most certainly follow the commandment to obey his mother?  What won't He grant you with her pleading your case?

7.  The Eucharist

My seventh and favorite reason for being a Catholic?  Christ nourishes us with his very Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity (see John 6).

- - -

* Since the western calender is actually off by a few years, the Crucifixion and Resurrection didn't occur exactly in 33 A.D.--we know, we know.  I use it here for the sake of style and convenience.


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