7 Quick Takes: Volume 3


Did you hear?  Angelina Jolee and Brad Pitt are getting married.

I'm not an avid follower of pop culture, but I admire them as a refreshingly non-materialistic version of the Hollywood couple.  They do a ton of charity work, give millions of dollars, and have six kids--the last scores very highly in my book.

When previously asked why they didn't marry, they admitted that they already lived like a married couple and that they had decided not to marry until all people had the "right" to legally wed.

But their children, in the clear-sightedness typical of that mysterious young species, recognized that acting like they were married is not a satisfying substitute for actually being married.  Their innocence profoundly affected their parents, who now are admitting that they believe marriage will be a beautiful commitment to add to their stores of devotion for each other.

Wouldn't it be something if this huge, Hollywood family became Catholic?


We finally bought the baby some shoes!  Sandals, to be precise.  They have two straps on them that both velcro so that they are virtually adjustable, which is just what we need.  His little feet are shaped like very steep wedges of cheese.  It's a wonder how he manages to balance on them!


I started a supplemental blog to this one.  It's more to house my nonexistent writing career literary endeavors with a focus on fairy tales and by extension, myths and legends.  I'm excited about it.


Maybe you've heard of this, or maybe you haven't.  Joseph Pearce, a prolific non-fiction writer who taught me to better appreciate Oscar Wilde, has published two books now showing the evidence for William Shakespeare's Catholicism, through what we know of his biography and through his plays.  Professor Pearce is incredibly clear-headed, erudite, and professional.  Pair that with a profound faith, and you find me kicking myself that I didn't transfer to Ave Maria University when I considered it in my sophomore year of college.


The title image for Spinning Straw into Gold is taken from a painting of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary "Spinning for the Poor" tweaked in Photobucket, by Marianne Stokes.  Beautiful, isn't it?


This song never fails to move me.


It's officially summer.  I swelter the minute I step outside, no matter what time of day or night.  And you know what that means--beach days!  Look for adorable baby-in-the-sand pictures in the following weeks and months.

You know you want to.


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