A Day in the Life

This was my Monday.

8:25 AM--Wake up and throw on some clothes.
8:30 AM--Pack the baby in the car and set off to drive my husband to work.
9:45 AM--Gas tank nearly empty, so stop for gas.  Also, a large iced coffee from McDonald's.  It's gonna be one of those days.
11:00 AM--Arrive home.
11:01 AM to 12:00 PM--Try to catch up on reading and commenting blogs.  Try to feed baby at the same time.  Meanwhile, baby spills an entire bag of tortilla chips on the carpet.  Yell at the baby.  Feel guilty.
12:01 PM--Pack baby in the car again to pick up youngest sister from school.
12:35 PM--Pick up sister.
12:50 PM--Stop at the store for groceries.
2:00 PM--Arrive home
2:15 PM--Put away groceries.
2:25 PM--Eat some lunch.
2:40 PM--Speed clean.
2:55 PM--Search desperately for lost shoes I was just wearing.
3:00 PM--Find lost shoes under sister's backpack.
3:05 PM--Leave to pick up husband from work.
4:00 PM--Pick up husband from work.
5:15 PM--Arrive home.  Vacuum up tortilla chips and straighten out the house a little.
5:40 PM--Fix something for dinner.
6:00 PM--Help my sister and her friend with their final paper.
7:00 PM--Write, interrupted by the baby.
9:00 PM--Put baby to bed.
9:30 PM--Shower.
10:00 PM--Write some more.  Painstakingly.
12:00 AM--Bed.

'Kay, that was a very Me post, so now I'll ask you: what does your day look like?


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