Picture Book Spotlight

I found this delightful book at my local library.  Mama Says: A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons sold me right away when I saw it was illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon.  But opening it up affirmed my decision to bring it home to share with my little one.

Each two-page spread depicts a mother-son pair from various cultures, with poetry in both English and their mother tongue.  The creators took special pains to obtain accurate translations.

You can see the Japanese to the right of the original English.

Touching lessons from mother to child resonate with timeless wisdom:

Mama says
Be good
Mama says
Be kind
Mama says
The Rain will come
But still the sun will shine


Mama says
Have faith
Mama says
Mama says
To trust in God
And let God take the lead

I have to encourage mamas, especially mamas of sons, to consider adding this beautifully illustrated book to their collections.

Remember: our children are immortals.  Strive to raise saints!


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