Wordless Weekend

As if setting up house isn't exciting enough, my BFF Ashley popped down for a surprise visit, and we all road-tripped seven hours north and west to Pensacola beach for a family reunion.

InstaCam_2012-06-18_10-27-22-PM InstaCam_2012-06-20_03-41-23-PM InstaCam_2012-06-19_11-23-00-PM
InstaCam_2012-06-19_10-01-24-PMInstaCam_2012-06-20_01-22-53-PM  InstaCam_2012-06-20_02-49-01-PM InstaCam_2012-06-19_11-19-18-PM InstaCam_2012-06-17_10-29-45-PM
(1) Scoot has a bath.  (2) Paula Dean coffee maker.  (3) Road-tripping baby; he kept trying to get everyone to rub his feet.  (4) The phone--it doesn't work, and no, it's not part of my strategy to avoid any and all calls.  But it should be.  (5)  Setting up the dining/sun room.  (6) Bed!  (7) Yum.  Somehow involved with Ashley.  Why doesn't that surprise me?  (8) Peeps on the beach.

Wow, what a weekend!

(And whoops, I guess that wasn't wordless.)


  1. I like how the decorating is coming along. It has a vintage look to it. Is that the look you were going for?

  2. I don't know . . . if vintage means just "old," then yes, probably.


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