Bits and Books

My toddler is like a squirrel.

I find motley accumulations of items and bits of trash stashed away in unexpected places: a board book and a dirty rag in the kitchen towel drawer; a sippy cup in the bath tub; baby shoes in the kitchen sink.

This must be what it looks like to him: me, bustling about the place, stacking, tucking, and folding meaningless objects about the house.

He hasn't fully moved out of the taking-out into the putting-away stage yet, though.  He still enjoys pulling books off of shelves and tugging the kitchen towel from the oven handle.
"Let me help you with that phone.  I know just where to put it!"
In other news, I picked up this hardcover, color-illustrated volume of Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales for five dollars at an antique shop, in great condition!
InstaCam_2012-07-12_11-52-38-AM InstaCam_2012-07-12_12-00-31-PM
I am looking forward to the day when we can read it together.

I'm also on the lookout for a used, wooden high chair.  Something he can grow into, until he gets big enough to sit at a normal chair at the dinner table.


  1. He's adorable! I love the hiding thing! Though I actually don't like in when Luba-the-dog does the same thing! Babies are more forgiveable :)


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