Yummy Day

In the middle of the day, the baby asked to go outside.

He did this by begging for the keys (sounds like "kehkeh"), turning down each set until the right one was retrieved, and toddling to the door to try to to put a key into the door knob.

Because just stepping out of doors, even in the evening, is like swimming in a sauna, I wanted to avoid noon-day excursions into the sweltering sun, so I thought I could distract him by doing something fun indoors.

I thought, I'll bake something!  My first instinct was to make bread, but my resources were too limited.  So this is what we did instead:
InstaCam_2012-07-01_01-49-44-PM InstaCam_2012-07-01_01-29-54-PM InstaCam_2012-07-02_03-48-33-PM
All it took was three ingredients: peanut butter, sugar (I used brown sugar because that's all we had), and an egg.  I also squeezed in some agave nectar to sweeten the deal.

Yum!  And it appeased the little sovereign.

What are some other fun, indoor activities I can do with a toddler to keep him entertained during the sweltering summer months?


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